Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sharing our learning with other classes in New Zealand

Click on the picture to go to another blog where children from different schools have shared their thinking about caring for the environment.
A group of children in our class are working on making a slideshow to post on this blog. When we have finished we PASS IT ON to another class. That is why the blog is called, "Pass it on".

Friday, June 1, 2012

Interactive Writing - A Poem

Today we were reading our poem for the week about making popcorn and we noticed that it was organised in a special way.
We called the organisation: "Instruction, then sound words" and we had a go at writing a poem like that about making our cardboard prints.
Here it is:
Cardboard Print

Get out the cardboard.
Flippety, flippety flip.

Cut with the scissors.
Snippety, snippety, snip.

Spread the glue.
Splishety, splishety, splish.

Stick on the shapes.
Sticky, sticky, stick.

Put the cardboard block on the shelf to dry.
And wait…. and wait….
Now get ready to print.

Roll the roller in the ink.
Rollety, rollety roll.

Roll the roller on the block.
Bumpety, bumpety, bump.

Put the paper on the block…
and roll… and roll…
Now lift the paper off.