Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Friday Letter - Thinking about athletics

Friday 18 November 2011

Dear Parents,

On Thursday Tony came to our school for PE. We did athletics and it was a lot of fun.
One activity got us thinking.
In high jump, Tony had three different jumps, a high jump, a medium jump and a low jump. We were allowed to choose whichever jump we wanted to work on.
Then Tony made a rule. He said, "If you knock the bar off when you jump, you are DISQUALIFIED and you are out. You have to go and sit down and not jump anymore. You have ten seconds to choose which jump you want to try."
That made us think. Most people went to the low jump or the medium jump. Only one person went to the high jump.
Why? ...because everyone wanted to be able to keep jumping. They didn't want to be DISQUALIFIED and have to sit down.
Next Tony said, "I'm changing the rule. Now the rule is, if you knock the pole off, you don't have to sit down. You just go down one level AND if you get over the pole, you go up a level. You have ten seconds to choose where you will jump."
We liked that rule so much better.
No one got DISQUALIFIED and no one had to sit down AND we had to work harder because we moved up the levels to the highest jump.
That was a much better rule and it meant we could follow Tony's other rule, "Have fun and try your hardest."
Next week, when the Year 4, 5 and 6 children are at athletics day, we are going to plan an athletics afternoon and think how we can use Tony's rule in other activities. We will invite Year 1 and Year 3 children too. Parents can come along to watch and help out to make sure all the activities are safe.
We will send out a notice on Monday to let everyone know about the day.
from Ms Donnell and the early finishers in Room 2

Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Food Riddles

After Harold's visit last week, we were thinking about what our favourite healthy foods are.
We visited this class blog and loved the riddles the children had made. We decided to try to make our own.  Here are our riddles made with Kid Pix Slide Show.