Friday, November 28, 2008

Light and Dark Update

Way back in May we were thinking about the seasons and how the amount of daylight changes at different times of the year. We made a chart to show the amount of light and dark. Our first photo shows how many hours it was light on May 9 (near the end of Autumn). The second photo shows how many hours it is light now that it is Spring.
We have also kept on checking the temperature. In Winter the temperatures were usually around 12 degrees Celsius. Now they are usually around 18 degrees Celcius and often higher in the afternoon.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jack in the Box

Yesterday we each made a Jack in the Box.
First we had to make a box using a net for a cube. Before we glued the box together we had to decorate the sides and make a spring out of folded strips of paper. After that we made our special characters. Quinn chose Tashi and Alice just chose a girl. Finally we glued everything together. We are pleased with the results.
Today we did some thinking about other ways we could use a net for a box. Here are some of our ideas: glasses, a bird house, cube with Christmas decorations, make a bigger one for storing things, draw pictures on it, jewellery box, toy box, building blocks - Eiffel Tower!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yesterday we spent some time thinking about safety for Guy Fawkes. We all made posters to get the message out about keeping safe with fireworks. This is Amber's one. She did a great job all by herself.