Saturday, August 24, 2013

Chalk and Paint Portraits

Our new school website will feature portraits of each teacher created by children from Kaipara Flats. These are the portraits Room 2 children made of our two teachers.
Look here to see how we made them.

Have a look at our self portraits from Term 1 too.  You can see that we are learning more about creating art works all the time.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

We all have different opinions

Make your own slide show at Animoto.

Here are our collections, all laid out to view.
We have done the judging and made our choices for Best in Show.
We have certainly worked hard on our writing to make sure we have given our reasons.
Today we set up an exhibition and viewed the winners.
And guess what?  We didn't all agree.
And do you know what we did next?
We went straight back to our blue ribbon papers and got writing.
If we agreed, that's what we wrote about.  If we didn't agree, well, we wrote about that - and you can be sure we gave our reasons, lots of reasons!