Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tashi and the Ghosts - our pastel resist pictures

We have been enjoying THE BIG BIG BIG BOOK OF TASHI by Anna & Barbara Fienberg & Kim Gamble each day over the last week or so.
These are some pictures we made about "Tashi and the Ghosts" and "Tashi and the White Tigers".
We made them using pastel and dye.
We have put instructions for making this kind of picture at the end of this post. We hope some people will try to follow our instructions.

Tashi, ghosts and white tiger stories on PhotoPeach

If you click on the comic strip, it will be big enough to read.


Miss Baker said...

Wow Room 2 I think your artwork looks amazing! Thanks for putting up instructions on how to do it as well - my class is really keen to try it out!

room2 said...

Thanks for your comment. We'd love to see the results when your class has a go.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. This was one of my favorite techniques as a kid. We would fold our paper hot dog style open it back up. Using the fold we would write our name in cursive in pencil.

When we made sure we filled the line, we would go over the pencil with a dark crayon. Next we would fold it back over so the writing was on the inside. We would rub very hard, so the crayon would transfer.

We would open it up and look at the design. We would color in the design to make an monster. Then we would paint over for the resist.

Anonymous said...


The art work is very effective, we have been shown Mr Thurlow the post and he has promise that we can do pictures like yours.

Jordan Room 2 , Burnham school, new zealand

Anonymous said...

Dear Grace I like your red whiskered Dragon because you tried your Hardest. JADE GREGORY