Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ways to be responsible in our school

The children in Room 2 were thinking about ways to be responsible for looking after our school.
This is what they thought...
Ways to Save Water by Reuben, Grady, Kane and Dan
  • Turn off the taps
  • Do not spill water
  • Do not waste water
Ways to make our grounds look good by Grace, Indy, Annabelle and Nic
  • Care for trees
  • Do not run on new grass
  • Care for plants
  • Do not step on new seeds growing

Ways to save electricity by Zac, Jade, Zara, Charlotte and Bayden
  • Turn off the light when finished in the room
  • Turn off the machines when you are not using them
  • Turn off computers and iPods

Ways to stop pollution by Maddison, Joel, Milan and Oliver
  • Pick up any rubbish lying around

Ways to recycle by Ms Knight
  • Collect cans, bottles and scrap paper for the bin

1 comment:

Cameron Lockie said...

Hi Room 2 they are great ways of being responsible for our school. Maybe you should talk to the other rooms and share your ideas. Mr Lockie.