Friday, February 18, 2011

Our Bright Smiles

Today in art we were learning lots of things.
We learned to:

* draw ourselves
* make our pictures colourful all over
* listen for the click when we put the lid on the felt pen
* use felt on the outlines and crayons for the inside
* keep inside the lines when we colour

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Mr Wood said...

Room 2 you are amazing artists. I loved the bright colours that were all inside the lines. Thank you for sharing your work.

Scoopers, St Clair School said...
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Scoopers, St Clair School said...

Wow! Ruma Rua - what fantastically colourful self portraits you have created! The felt outlines around the crayon on the inside looks really effective especially because you have kept inside the lines! I am pleased to hear you are making sure the lid on the felt pen clicks back on - that helps your pens last a long time and shows that you care about your classroom equipment. Nice one, indeed! :)

Anonymous said...

you will be great artists some day