Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Radish Seeds Sprout

Another video: A Plant Story
Narrated Video: A Plant Story
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Time lapse radish seeds sprouting, top and roots growing
We couldn't watch our cress seeds sprout like this. The change happens too slowly. This video was made over a long time and then sped up so we can see the changes happening.
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Mr Wood said...

Wow that is so amazing. I hope you will be writing about it.

Priyasha said...

This is just so cool.
How did you speed it up?
Can you teach us?

Mapili said...

Wow that is so so so so fantastic i think that is the one of the most interesting videos ever great job.

May I ask how did yous make the clip and record the radishes grow.

Good day

Viola said...

Hi :)
My name is Viola and I go to Brs.
I like your blog.
Can you teach us?

Steven said...

Wow how did you even take a video of radishes from the ground did you leave a camera on the soil or something?
Great job!

Akansha said...

This is a cool video, our class has 3 gardens but we never thought of doing this.

room2 said...

The video in this post came from NeoK12 Check it out to find more great educational videos. Thanks for all your comments. Ms Donnell