Friday, October 22, 2010

Show Day Reflections

Listen to our stories about Show Day in this voice thread. Ms Donnell asked us to think about reading with expression.


Pakiri School said...

You sure do love candy floss. We all loved your pictures and we could tell you were really trying to use expression.

Scoopers, St Clair School said...

Wow! Room 2 - listening to your stories makes me wish that we had a show day. the expression in your voices certainly reinforces how much you enjoyed the day! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs McKenzie and class B4 said...

Dear Room 2
I love your voicethread stories and pictures, and think that you certainly read with expression.

At Reefton Area School we have our Pets Day on Tuesday 2 November. We get to bring pets and farm animals, and we also get to bring exhibits like models, miniature gardens, healthy fruit plates, decorated bikes and decorated cakes.

It's a fun day at our school just like at your school.
from Mrs McKenzie

Isaiah said...

Hi my name is Isaiah i really like this video.