Monday, August 16, 2010

Facial Expressions


MsBee said...

Ka Pai Ruma Rua! You have drawn magnificent expressions... I found myself mirroring them as I viewed your slide show.

I wonder what things make you feel angry, mad, sad, happy?

Ms B

Anonymous said...

What a great job. My students don't start till next week. I'm going to add your blog to their RSS feeder.

Hopefully you all can exchange comments and collaborate this year.

room2 said...

This is our reply to Ms Bee
Reuben gets angry when somebody hits him.
Thomas gets angry when someone breaks something he has made.
Milly gets angry when someone does something wrong.
Jared is sad when someone hurts him.
Bridie is sad when someone is using her computer.
Millie is sad when someone pulls her hair.
Nina is sad when someone leaves your party.
Santana thinks it would make you sad if no one comes to your birthday party.
Arleigha would be sad if someone wrecks the game.

Linda Yollis said...

Dear Room 2,

Excellent expressions! Isn't it amazing how little lines can change an entire face? The line (or circle) of the mouth...up, down, or straight tells so much. The eyes, of course, tell a lot. The eyebrow feature always surprises me. They can really change an expressions!

Like Ms. Bee, I mirrored back the expressions as they came on the screen. Funny, no? :-)

Your pal,
Mrs. Y♥llis