Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oliver's See-through Clock

On Friday Oliver brought his see-through clock to school.
I got to take photos of it but they were bad so I had to delete them so Ms Donnell did one and it was good so we didn't delete that one.
We put it on the computer at the doorway. by Maddison
Maddison took a responsible risk and had a go at taking a photo of Oliver's clock. It was very hard to get a good photo because the clock was see-through and we needed to hold some paper up to make a background. It took quite a few tries before we got a photo that was good enough.

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Westburn Student said...

I like your clock Oliver, it reminds me of Mac Donald's for some weird reason. Looks like you got a perfect picture in the end, Maddison. Good on you for giving it your best shot. I can understand why you would need a background but it looks amazing!
Keep up the fantastic work you are displaying.