Monday, April 19, 2010

Term 2 Begins

Today was our first day back for Term 2.
We had a great first day.
Mrs Smart took us for assembly this morning and now we know that the habit of mind we are working on is PERSISTENCE. Stick with it and don't give up.
In Little Red Hen the hen persists to make her bread even when the other animals won't help.
This term we need to be like the little red hen. We will set our goals and work hard to achieve them, even when things get tough.
Check out the writer's blog over the next day or so. Milly did some great writing today and some other children have been using Kid Pix for writing. I will post their stories as they are finished.

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Barb said...

Hi Room 2. It looks like you are going to have another busy term. I wonder why it it important to learn about being persistent. Are you a like a little red hen?

MsBee and Room 7, NZ said...

Persistence is my most favourite HOM! Without people give up instead of learning from their mistakes. The Scoopers in Dunedin have been learning that is actually good to make mistakes but then we have to keep trying and persisting to improve on what we are doing. We have added your blog to our blog roll because it is a great example for Junior classes!

Cameron Lockie said...

Hi Room 2 hope you are having a good start to the term. I am in America looking at schools and seeing lots of cool things can't wait to get back to school and try a few things out with you guys. Mr Lockie