Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What is a community?

We have had another look at our ideas about community today.
Can you see how our ideas are changing?
We had lots more to say this time.
Our next post about this will show our ideas for some rules to answer the question, "Is it a community?"


Mrs Tele'a said...

Hello Room 2. What a great idea to show us how your thoughts have grown. I often think of community involving people only. You've reminded me here of all the parts on earth that have communities too. You've also made me think more about how the many communities we have around us are connected to one another in many ways. Keep up the great work.
Mrs Tele'a

Cameron Lockie said...

Hi Room 2
It's great to see how your thoughts are changing about what a community is. Well done keep up the good work. Mr Lockie.