Thursday, November 5, 2009

Telling Our Own Stories


Miss Walters said...

Well done Room 2! Your voice thread was very cool and you all spoke so clearly. Do you write down what you want to say first?
At Pt England School we have 'The Language of Success' it's all about speaking clearly and correctly. For example we say because and not coz or yes not yip.
Thank you for commenting on our blog Rising Stars. We will be sure to keep visiting your blog and posting comments.

Kane said...

Hi Room 2, I liked your voice And your pictures because they were cool. Well done! You should be proud of yourselves.
From Kane, Rising Stars (Pt England School)

Richard said...

Hey Room 2! I liked your pictures because they were cool. I would like to know if you have a tv in your clasroom because we do at Pt England school. We watch our school news on it and movies if it is a wet lunch time. By Richard

Cameron Lockie said...

Well done Room 2, I loved listening to your news and you all have interesting news. As Ms Donnell said listen to your news and see how you can make it better. Well done. Mr Lockie.