Monday, August 24, 2009


Listen to our voice thread to hear our ideas about what makes popcorn pop. We talked about this before we watched a Suzy's World DVD and popped some popcorn ourselves.
We did enjoy eating the popcorn afterwards. Thank you Mrs Parris for lending us your popcorn machine.
We have written explanations of why popcorn pops and now we have read the poems we wrote on this voice thread. We hope you enjoy listening to them.


connor said...

I like your popcorn story.
I like the way you said It.And I love It!!!

Anonymous said...

I love to make popcorn, it smells good! I also love to listen to your voice thread, its great to hear you all. I wonder what else you will be making? Nikki

Cameron Lockie said...

Hi Room 2

What great explanations about why you think popcorn pops. When you made your popcorn it made me very hungry from the wonderful smell. Mr Lockie

Anonymous said...

I liked the way we made popcorn and I hope you all enjoyed eating it as much as I did. from Broady

Winter said...

You recorded some great comments! I love your blog too. Great use of sound and colour. I'm a Year 3 teacher in Thailand, at an British International School. Please look at our class blog

Anonymous said...

Hi room2 I like the way you made popcorn. Broady