Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Flexible furniture

Here we are trying out our new flexible furniture for the first time.
We now have cookie cushions, bows, bumps and hokki stools as well as our normal school chairs to sit on.
We can use this furniture in different ways.  It is flexible and gives us choices.
The cushions make it more comfortable to sit or kneel on the floor and they help us remember to stay in one place when we are working.
The bows can be like a couch or we can turn them on their side to be a stool at a table.
The bumps are good at the back of the mat, because they are a bit higher and we can see over people's heads.  We can also lie over them when we are working.
I think the furniture that I like the best is the hokki stool.  It's good to use at a table when you are working.  It has a rounded base, so as you work, you can gently rock.  It's kind of comforting.
So now we have this flexible furniture to help us to make our "smart spots" for working more comfortable.