Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Read to Self Fun

In these photos you can see the boys and girls reading to themselves.
If you read, you get really good at reading. It makes you better at reading.
If you read by yourself, you're trying to figure out what the author is trying to tell you. You check for understanding.
When you read you can learn things and you can travel to different places in your mind.
Reading to yourself is fun.


abby said...

w what an awsome blog you have from abby

Lladro@Lladro Figurines said...

And this from grade school students, it is remarkable what a changed world we live in from 40 years ago.

Does this same group of students continue the same blog each year or does it become the next group's blog next year.

Have you tried it both ways?


room2 said...

The blog becomes the next group's blog each year. I have considered starting fresh, but as the children move into the next class, they keep coming back to this blog to keep up with what we are doing and to use the links on the side bar, so I have continued with the same blog. Tina