Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Food Riddles

After Harold's visit last week, we were thinking about what our favourite healthy foods are.
We visited this class blog and loved the riddles the children had made. We decided to try to make our own.  Here are our riddles made with Kid Pix Slide Show.


room 2 Burnham School New Zealand said...

Kia Ora,

You nearly had me stump but I believe the food is a strawberry.

The animation gave in away because it was so life-like.

Mr Thurlow

Room 2 , Burnham School, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Oh that looks so wonderful! I can't wait to hear more exciting things from you. What a great blog this is.

Ms Tieppo and 2TM said...

Dear Room 2,

We loved your slideshow. We are very amazed that you drew the pictures on Kid Pix.

Viduni loved all the noises that you put into your slideshow. How long did it take you to make the slideshow?

Hannah liked all the patterns and colours that you used.

So many children in your class love strawberries and watermelon! Not many children in your class liked broccoli.

You had some great clues for your foods. Well done.

From all of us in 2TM : GREETINGS :

room2 said...

Dear Ms Tieppo and 2TM,
The slide shows are very easy on Kid Pix. If you have the programme, you could check it out. It's great for animations.
Ms Donnell for Room 2 Kaipara Flats