Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Washing Machines - Then and Now

We have been doing some really tricky thinking this week.
We looked at the pictures of old washing machines we took on our museum trip.
First we put on our yellow hats to help us to think about what was good about the old kind of washing machine.
Next we put on our black hats to think about what was not so good about that old washing machine.
After that we used our yellow and black hats to think about new automatic washing machines.
Our teachers worked together to help us with this work. Ms Knight helped us with the thinking and helped us record our ideas on two Venn diagrams. Then Ms Donnell put all our ideas into one Venn diagram, so we could show things that were different and things that were the same about the two types of washing machine.

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Melissa Nicol said...

Great thoughts guys, I am glad we get to use the new washing machines!