Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What responsibilities do Mums and Dads have?

We made a chart for Mum's responsibilities and Dad's responsibilities.
We had to make a space for both Mum and Dad because Mums and Dads can sometimes have the same responsibilities.
This kind of chart is called a Venn Diagram. The two ovals cross over and that is where we put the things that both Mums and Dads do.
Today we found out that in different families, Mums and Dads do different jobs.
We found this out by asking Joel and Kane some questions about what their Mum and Dad's responsibilities are.
Next Ms Donnell is going to teach us how to make our own Venn Diagram so we can show responsibilities in our families.
This writing is by Kane, Maddison, Nic, Milan, Tuhirangi and Ms Donnell


Anonymous said...

nice chart guys
mick conlan teacher australia

Mrs G. (UK) said...

Love the Venn diagram, Good subject, I wonder if the responsibilities of Mums and Dads would be different in different countries? Perhaps you could do a Venn diagram for Grandparents, I say this because I remember doing lots of different things with my grandparents.

Miss Mac said...

Hi guys, I liked your chart. I think that Mums and Dads would have different responsiblities in different families, I know in my family my Mum was always the wood chopper.

room2 said...

Thank you for your comment Mrs G.
Yes, we have been thinking about responsibilities in different countries. We have been thinking about children in the Pacific Islands.
from Ruma Rua (That's Room 2 in Maori)