Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Postcard Project

We have got our postcards ready to send off for the postcard project. Our postcards will go to schools in New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii.
We have already had a postcard in the mail from Reefton School.
Postcard Project


Anonymous said...

Your postcard project sounds like a very interesting writing activity Room 2. I wonder how many postcards you will get back in the post. Mrs Eden and Room 14.

room2 said...

Hi Room 14,
We think your playground is the best. Maddison for Room 2 Kaipara Flats School

Mrs McKenzie and class B4 said...

Dear Rm 2
B4 were very excited today when we got 2 postcards from your class.
We love the look of your playground, and think it must be a lot fun having three goldfish as classroom pets.

What do you need to do to look after the goldfish?

What a great idea it was to take photos and laminate them.

from Mrs McKenzie and B4

Mrs W and P-2 said...

Hi Room 2,
Guess what? We got your postcard today. Actually we were very lucky as we got 2 postcards from you.
Your postcards travelled all the way from New Zealand across to Victoria in Australia. We found out that the postcards travelled 2631kms to reach us. WOW that is a long way.

We think that goldfish would be great classroom pets. We have a chrysalis in our classroom that is waiting to emerge as a butterfly.

How many students do you have in your class?

from Mrs W and P-2

room2 said...

Dear Mes McKenzie and Class B4,
We have some sad news. One of our goldfish died so now we only have two. It was Speedy who died and Goldy and Stripy are still here.
Zac and Annabelle look after our goldfish. They clean the tank on some Fridays and change some of the water. They feed them once a day. They turn on the light in the morning and turn it off in the afternoon.
from Ms Donnell and Ruma Rua