Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Worm Farm

Ages ago, last year, when we were thinking about rubbish and recycling, we decided that it would be a good idea to have a worm farm at school.
This term, we remembered about the worm farm when the Leopards were reading "Extraordinary Earthworms" and we realised that worms change the soil and food scraps, so this week, we made a worm farm.
Here is the part of a procedure when you tell all the steps for how to make something.
We forgot to say: Put the lid on.
Now we have put the worm farm in a shady place and we will check it to keep it moist for the earthworms. We will put some food scraps in too.


anneken said...

Room 2,
What a fabulous idea. I think we might need to start a worm farm too. We have just started a compost bin and it is filling up so we will have a lot of great new food for our gardens. Do you know what worm droppings are called? I think it is vermicast - but that looks like a very funny word.
Mrs K and Room 4

room2 said...

Hi Mrs K and Room 4,
Thank you for your comment.
Yes, we know what worm droppings are called. Our book, "Extraordinary Earthworms" told us they are called casts. We might try to find out if vermicast is another name for their droppings. From Room 2