Friday, September 24, 2010

Learning from Picture Books

In this story we decided that the author wanted to tell us that people (or mice) who look and think and dream can help us as much as the ones who do other jobs.
Frederick helped the family of mice get through the long cold winter because he reminded them of the warmth and colours of the summer and created a beautiful poem to share with them. These were his supplies.
Here are the collage pictures we created after looking at Leo Lionni's beautiful work.
This was a good way to use the paintings we made earlier in the term.


msbee said...

Those collages are amazing! Well Done! I really enjoyed your illustrations!

Miss Lepou said...

Hi Room 2
What great collages you have created. We have made collages before and we know how tricky they are. We will have to read that picture book.

Mr Wood said...

I love rodents and yours are fantastic. The colours you used are wonderful.

Skyping Reading Tutor said...

Wow, I really love the collages that you made from one of my favorite books. Do you guys happen to Skype? I would love to feature you on my blog showing your work and then follow it by reading the book to your class.

room2 said...

Hi Skyping Reading Tutor,
We can Skype but we haven't done it much yet. We could try to work something out.

Aviva said...

Your students are all so artistic! This art work is amazing. I will definitely be sharing it with my class!

Grade 1/2 Teacher
Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

All things Great and Small said...

Hi room 2. I thought your pictures were amazing! You must have worked very hard to create them.
Miss Mac