Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Maths and Kid Pix

Triangles think about number stories on PhotoPeach
In our maths we have been using transport to make up stories for number sentences.
Ms Donnell has been getting us to think about cars in garages like this: I have 5 cars and a very big garage. 2 cars are parked outside. How many are parked inside the garage?
Now the triangles have been using Kid Pix to make up some stories if their own.
We hope you enjoy them.


Anonymous said...

hi room 2 i like your kid pix.
lol love bridie

Barb said...

Well done Room 2. I like the way you are learning maths with kidpix. That must be fun.

Tracey said...

I like your creative thinking Room 2. The pictures are great. Tracey

Anonymous said...

Wow room 2 that is a great way to lean.

Anonymous said...

Cool Room 2 I like your kid pix. Nina.