Friday, May 21, 2010

Crazy Hair Day at Kaipara Flats

It was crazy hair day today. Room 3 were raising money for the Make a Wish Foundation.


Melinda Bennett said...

Wow! What is going on their at Kaiapara Flats School! Your hair certainly does look crazy! How much money did you raise?

Mrs Bennett - Ahuroa School

Melinda Bennett said...

P.S. Can you spot my spelling mistake??

MsBee on behalf of scoopers said...

It looks like it must have been a very crazy day at Kaipara Flats on Friday! Fantastic to see that you are caring community raising money for families needing help and support. I think this is a fantastic cause to fundraise for! Well done, Room 2!

Kelly said...

Hi everyone in Room 2!

We are a grade 2 class at Leopold Primary School in Victoria, Australia. We have a class blog and we like to look at blogs from all around the world! We leave comments on blogs in America and Canada but we haven't contacted any any schools in New Zealand yet.

Your blog is great, it looks like you have lots of fun in your classroom! Your hair is all looking VERY crazy!!! :)

It would be great if we could become "blogging buddies" and leave comments on each other's blogs!

Feel free to check out our blog, at:

We hope you're having a great week at school!

From Miss Jordan and 2KJ.

room2 said...

We raised $277 at the Crazy Hair Day.
Yes, we spotted you spelling mistake for there and their.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 2, What crazy hair dos. I guess you guys are pretty stylish. from Len

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 2! WOW! You guys looked CRAAAAZY on crazy hair day! We just had a wacky hair day the other day to support the Westpac Rescue helicopter.

From Room 15 Waipahihi School TAUPO
We have a blog too...

Louise and Bob Graham said...

Wouldn't like to meet any of you lot on a dark night!!
Great fundraising effort!

Anonymous said...

Oliver said Wow that is very very very very crazy hair!

Anonymous said...

I love all your crazy hair dos!!
You would look very funny if you all went out in warkworth like that!People would stop and stare at you!!You all look very cool!
Lara (Arlys Mum)

Anonymous said...


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