Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Term 2 Topic

Today Ms Donnell asked us to look at some pictures and think about what was the same about them so we could work out what our term 2 topic will be.
Here is a mind map to show our thinking.
If you click on the picture, it will link to a voicethread where we can talk some more about our ideas.
We have already written a sentence about what we think this topic is about.
Remember, you can click on the picture in voice thread to zoom in and read the words.


Susan Lindsey said...

Hello Room 2. I really loved your transportation pictures and stories. I think you will have great term learning about transportation.

Barb said...

Wow! What a great brainstorm. What a lot of thinking you have done to connect the ideas in all those photos. That was a fun and interesting way to start new learning. Have a great term.

MsBee on behalf of scoopers said...

Hello from Dunedin, Room 2! I love the way you have unpacked your ideas using kidspiration! I think I will use that tool with the Room 7 Scoopers tomorrow when we consider what a world without paper might look like.

I will show these Year 5/6 children your mind map - it is very clever!

I used to live in Glenfield (and my family is still there). I wonder if you can name all the transportation I would need to get from Glenfield to Dunedin in the South Island?

Your blog is on our blog roll because we think you are doing an amazing job with your learning!

room2 said...

To get from Kaipara Flats to Dunedin, we would need to walk to the car, drive in the car to park it somewhere in Auckland. Then you get taxi to the airport. You walk to get on the plane. You might go on moving walkways at the airport or up an escalator. You fly to Dunedin and walk to a car or a bus or a taxi. Then you would drive to where you are staying.

Anonymous said...

hi great work coming from everyone we love the pet turtle.
from Megan and Hannah

Arleigha said...

hi room 2 i ilke the writing And pictures

Abby said...

Wow room 2 that is so cool. abby