Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Parachute Play

Parachute Play on PhotoPeach
In our class community we have to be good at working together. Playing with the parachute is a good way for us to practice this.


Cameron Lockie said...

Well done Room 2 you are certainly working well as a community and having lots of fun at the same time. Mr Lockie.

Room 3's Blog said...

Hi Room 2 that looks like fun, from Jack.

Room 3's Blog said...

Hi Room 2 that was really awesome!! from George.

Hi Room 2 that was really amazing!! from Len.

Hi Room 2 I hope you had a good time from Broady.

Hi Room 2 that was cool working with others from Monty.

Where you dizzy when you where running around in circles? from Jack.

Where you tired after doing lots of running? from Logan.

That looks like great fun Room 2, from David.

Melville Intermediate said...

Room 2 - I just loved this presentaiton - I loved the classical music and I also liked how you'd used Photopeach to make comments over the display so when a new picture came up I had something to read. I looked like so much fun, and it was just a great idea!
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.

1K said...

Hello Room 2!
We are 1K a Year 1 Class from Kellyville Public School. We have just started our own classroom blog (class1K.blogspot.com) and were very impressed with yours! We saw your video of the parachute games and decided to make our own! Thanks for all the ideas!

AMACK said...

Hi Room 2, this is a great video. I remember in my elementary school we played with a parachute. It definitely helps teach team work. Great Job!