Thursday, October 15, 2009

Skittle People for Show Day

This morning in Room 2 we all made skittle people.
The skittle people were made out of plastic bottles and they are for bowling.
First we poured sand in the bottles.
Next some of the children used sandpaper to sand the bottles so the paint would stick to the plastic.
After that we painted the bottles.
Finally we gave them faces and dressed them up and decorated them.
Now we are going to take a photo so everyone can look at our skittle people.


Makalita said...

Hi Room 2,I really liked your Skittle people! What other events have you got coming up this term?
From Makalita, Rising Stars (Pt England School)

Osana said...

Hi Room 2, I really liked your 'Skittle People For Show Day'. My favourite part was looking at your dolls.To me it looked AMZING because you made your dolls dressed up as people going to a party or going to the shops or getting married. At Pt England we do lots of art and craft to, like making Rangoli patterns because we were learning about Diwali the festival of lights. From Osana, Rising Stars

Anonymous said...

WOW! They look awesome, they are very decorative and are very colourful. You look like you are having heaps of fun and I am looking forward to more posts from your class