Friday, August 7, 2009

Our Healthy Breakfast

Today Room 2 had a morning of a healthy breakfast. We all had a great morning. Do you know what we had? We had weet-bix and porridge and a little bit of brown sugar. by Tenaija
We also could have stewed apple or peaches and we could put a little sprinkle of cinnamon on the top if we wanted.
The last picture is our brainstorm of ideas for words to describe the taste of the food we ate today. Ms Donnell recorded for us using the mimio.
We have each made our own menu recording our ideas for a healthy breakfast.


Quinn Gray said...

Hi it's Quinn here that breakfast looks yummy. check out my blog at

I'll see you all in a week and a bit. Say hello to Mr Lockie for me.

Bye for now

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you all had a healthy breakfast. I am sure it was delicious. Len's Nana.

M Mason said...

Book week certainly looked like fun, Im sure Bad Jelly was a good witch. I really enjoyed watching room 2 doing their parade, and thought all your costumes were cool! From Toms mum