Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Toys Materials Brainstorm

We got together with our talking buddies to brainstorm what materials toys can be made from.
beads, fabric, glue, elastic, wood, marbles for eyes, stuffing, soft fur, plastic, string, rags, bows, cotton wool, paper, flour, wool, cables, metal, rubber, paint, fur, earrings, batteries, wires, buttons, clay, computers, colours, cardboard, sticks, electric wires, switches, glass, hair
Now we are going to do some reading to find out more. We will also be looking to find out what toys were made of in the past.
We read some more from a book called "First Technology - Toys" by John Williams.
We can add some more things now:
In the past - lead, tin, china
Now: pipe cleaners and glitter
Now we're going to make posters about the material toys are made from.
This is what we learned when we talked about our charts:
Most of our class's favourite toys are made of fabric. We think this might be because they are cuddly and soft. Some of us have had these toys since we were little.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Favourite Toy Day

Here is Kohuki. He is our special learner in our class. He helps us to be good learners too.
Tomorrow Ms Donnell would like everyone to bring a favourite toy to school. It should be something really special to you.
We are going to think about these questions:
Why is this a favourite toy? What makes it special? How does it make you feel?
How do you play with it?
How does this toy work?
What is this toy made of?

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