Tuesday, February 8, 2011


In our class we have three goldfish. We used Answer Garden so people could give us ideas for their names. These are the names we chose: Goldy, Speedy, Stripy.
Annabelle and Zac are responsible for looking after them at the moment. They have to turn on the light and feed them in the morning and turn off the light and feed them in the afternoon.


Mr Wood said...

It must be great fun having fish, what do you feed them?

Miss Jordan said...

I wonder why one of the goldfish isn't really gold?

jen said...

Hi Room 2 Kids,
The names you chose for your goldfish are great! We used answer garden last year to choose a name for our blog pet hamster and the winning name was Squirt! This year we have a blog pet monkey who needs a new name as well. Maybe you could all vote on a new name for him too?
You are very luck to have real fish for pets!
Ms Dowling and K/1D

Wm Chamberlain said...

Goldfish make great classroom pets. I have had a bunch of different classroom pets in the past, but the fish were always the easiest to take care of.

Mr. C

room2 said...

Dear Mr Wood,
Thank you for your comment.
We feed the goldfish fish flakes.

room2 said...

Dear Miss Jordan,
We think that different breeds of goldfish can be different colours. They don't all have to be gold.

Anonymous said...

wow room2 you be haveing alotof fun with the fish. from Nina