Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Concert

The big night has been and gone. The concert is over for another year.
We all worked so hard to learn all the songs. We played and we danced and our costumes looked great. There was lots of laughter and our family and friends enjoyed the show.
Here is a voice thread to show you the different acts we put on. We will work to tell some of our stories about the show.
When we made our comments, Ms Donnell asked us to listen to what other people had said and try to add some new ideas.


Louise and Bob Graham said...

The Concert was very very very cool. My favourite bit of the concert was when we did the Dinosaur Stomp and my second favourite bit was when we did the Cat Came Back the Very Next Day. I dressed up as a stegasaurus. Oliver

Mme Bullock said...

Wow! What a tremendous show! Did you know your Voicethread is being viewed in Canada? I teach in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. How many kilometers away from you is that?
I bet your concert was a big hit with your school. Thank you for sharing the description and photos with the world on Voicethread.
Mrs. Bullock

Anonymous said...

That is something else. Very impressive everyone!

Mr Gray said...

Those photos look great and your concert must have been amazing. Well done. I love how you used Voicethread to describe the photos - I think I will do that with my class as well. Thanks for the idea.


We enjoyed the Concert very much - it made us laugh a lot! We especially liked the cool dance moves! Well done Room 2.
Rachel Sceats

Anonymous said...

Hi there everyone,

What a great concert indeed. Well done to all. Iloved the singing and the groovn. We look forward to the next one. Raoul & Karleen

Pakiri School said...

Hi, we are from Pakiri, and Jackson and Lewis know Jack and loved seeing a picture of him on the blog.
We would have loved to hear some of the songs.