Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Musical Instruments and Ideas About Sound

We have been thinking about musical instruments and the way you play them to make sounds. Ms Donnell asked us the question, "What causes sound?"
You can see some of the work we have done in this animoto video.


misscashen said...


We are in the bloggers challenge and doing our first week's challenge. As your blog is below ours on the list here we are commenting! Well actually I am commenting on behalf of the class as we are on holidays at the moment.

All of the things you are learning about sound is very exciting. I love listening to music. The vibraslap is my favourite percussion instrument. It makes a very interesting sound.

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From Miss Cashen
4/5/6 Learning Centre
Bendigo, Australia

Anonymous said...

I love that you had a web page and can you check