Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vehicles with Wheels and Axles

Our Road Transport Models on PhotoPeach


Mrs McGhie (Keamac) and Room 16 said...

Wow Room 2, these models are amazing! My class have been making toys that move for Technology this term so some of us have been learning about axles and wheels too. We found out about a special kind of wheel called a cam. I am very impressed with your models - they look just like real life vehicles. Tino Pai everyone.
From Mrs McGhie

MsBee said...

I think your models are incredible as well, Room 2! I have been watching and reading about your inquiry since the beginning of the term and have really enjoyed watching your learning. I look forward to reading your reflections over the next few days!

I am left to wonder what amazing learning you will be doing next term now!


room2 said...

All your vehicles are fantasitc. from Alexie Arleigha

Anonymous said...

your art models are great.One I like the blue bus and the green tank.

Room 4 Waiuku Primary said...

Hi Room 2,
We like your army trucks! You chose nice bright colours to paint them. Awesome work Room 2 you are really good at making trucks and army trucks and diggers. What great vehicles you made!
How big is your longest/thickest vehicle?
Were they hard to make?
From Room 4 Waiuku Primay

Anonymous said...

We have used photopeach too.