Thursday, April 1, 2010

Community - the big idea on PhotoPeach
When we went to the Honey Centre one thing we learned is that bees are important in the world because they pollinate the flowers. Without them there would not be enough food.
The BIG IDEA is that all living things depend on each other.
Today we read Michael Foreman's picture book "One World" and we talked about what he wanted to tell us in this story.
Here are some of the ideas that seemed important to us.


Mrs Lindsey said...

Hi everyone in Room 2. I really liked your pictures and the music was perfect for such lovely stories. I hope lots of people read your stories and think about our beautiful world. Have a lovely holiday.
From Mrs Lindsey, Room 6, Koromauta School.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 2. You have had a busy term learning about communities. That was a good book to read about how we can all help each other to look after the sea. I will have to buy myself a copy in the holidays. I hope you all have a super holiday.

Suzie Vesper said...

You have obviously thought a lot about the way we should treat everything within this beautiful world of ours. I loved your art and writing.

Anonymous said...

hi room 2 i like looking at your blogs and i like tiddles

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 2 I like your pictures from Abby

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 2 I like you pictures from Nina.