Friday, March 5, 2010

Honey Centre Voice Thread

Here are some of our stories and pictures about our trip to the Honey Centre. Over the next week we will be reading our stories for you, as our pictures are uploaded onto Voicethread.
We will be listening to our reading and thinking about how we can make it better.


Louise and Bob Graham said...

The kids behaved wonderfully on the trip, and asked heaps of good questions. Great to see their interpretations of the day.

Mr F- Glenview 13 said...

Isn't it amazing that little insects make such a delicious thing as honey.

I wonder if there are other insects that make food that humans can eat?

I wonder if there are insects that people eat?

Mr F.

Anonymous said...

that was a cool voice thread room 2.from Phoenix.

Mrs Lindsey said...

Wow, Room 2. I loved looking at your pictures. I really enjoyed reading your stories about the bees. I am going to show the children in my class your wonderful work. Well done.

Barb said...

Hi there Room 2. What a lot of learning you are doing. I can see you know a lot about bees now.

Anonymous said...

hi room I love your voice thread from Abby.

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 2

All your pictures are beautiful and the colours are bright and you are all great at drawing pictures of bees, and you all know more than me about bees and what they do!
Looks like you had a fun trip to the honey centre, i wil have to go there and have a look at the bee's too!
Lara (Arlys Mum)

Anonymous said...

Hi Room 2, its Nina I like your work Bridie and Abby. I also like all your work everyone in room 2 (Nina's Mum)

Anonymous said...

Hi room 2. I love your voice.