Monday, February 8, 2010

Our tadpoles

We have ten tadpoles in our classroom. They are eating lots and growing big. Nearly all the oxygen weed has gone because the tadpoles have been eating it. This morning when we came to school, Abby saw that one tadpole has two big back legs.
On Friday we made frog puppets.
We learned to fold paper to make a w.
We learned how to use the glue so it doesn’t make a big blob!
Our puppets are fun to play with.
It is fun having tadpoles in our classroom.
On Tuesday Santana fed the tadpoles some special tadpole food. They liked it a lot.


Cameron Lockie said...

Hi Room 2.
Ms Donnell showed me your tadpoles on Monday, they are really big they must love eating the oxygen weed. I can't wait to see them turn into frogs. Mr Lockie.

Anonymous said...

What are you going to do with your tadpoles once they become frogs?
Miss McDonald
Hanmer Springs Primary

Room 2 said...

Dear Miss McDonald,
We kept our tadpoles after they became frogs until the the end of the term.
We had a mesh top that we put over the aquarium.
Our teacher bought flies from a pet shop (very expensive) and one of our parents brought in lace wings (passion vine hoppers) to feed them.
Now the frogs have been released to Abby and Oliver's ponds.