Monday, November 2, 2009

Is it made from wool?

We have been thinking about...
where we go to find the answer to a question.
Our question was: Is it made from wool?
We looked at the label on our clothes.
We looked in a book called "Wool" by Annabelle Dixon to find out about tests you can do to tell the difference between man-made fibres and wool.
The tests we did were:
The Feeling Test The Pulling Test
The Dampness Test The Ice Cube Test
Tomorrow we plan to go to see an expert, (Monty's dad) to find out about how you get the wool from the sheep. Monty's dad will shear a sheep at the shearing shed while we watch.


Cameron Lockie said...

Hi Room Two your learning sounds exciting and I know that you will learn lots from the expert. Mr Lockie

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff room 2. Looking forward to hearing more about what you're learning.

Anonymous said...

I think wool is very fascinating, there are so many things you can make from it, I know you made some cool felt balls today wich look amazing and what a lot of fun it was to make! Nikki and broady