Friday, March 20, 2009

Logan's retelling of "The Lazy Bear"

Remember our voice thread about "The Lazy Bear"?
Well, Logan started writing about this story a couple of weeks ago and, even though we have been doing lots of other writing, he has been very persistent and kept working on this one, because he wanted to retell the whole story.
This is very special work. Please read and enjoy.
It will help you understand the voice thread better too.
There is a story named The Lazy Bear.
The bear had lots of friends because he was kind and thoughtful.
On the hill, the bear found a cart left there by the wood cutter.
He went down the hill lots of times.
He had to push up the hill lots of times.
Then he had a plan.
He invited the deer, the goat and the raccoon to the ride. When they got to the ride they went down the hill. When they got to the bottom, they all got out except the bear.
From one to a hundred times he was still in the cart.
On the hundredth time his friends had a plan.
On the hundredth time his friends pushed the bear down over the other side of the hill.
Bad news.
Everyone laughed and stared at him.
Good news.
The animals set the cart up on the hill.
Then he had to bother pushing his friends up the hill.
Not just one time.
But hundreds of times.
And he will never do that again.


Anonymous said...

Great work Logan. It is fantastic because it is really really long and I liked it.


SuzyMc said...

WOW! What fabulous work Logan. You have understood the story very well and retold it brilliantly.

Barb said...

FANTASTIC WORK LOGAN.I enjoyed listening to your wonderful retelling of "The Lazy Bear".You have understood the story well & retold it superbly.

Sue said...

Hi Guys,
You have added lots of posts since the last time I visited your blog. I think the kids in my class would really like it at your school. You know lots of things about how to be a good friend.
I think your school must be a happy place to go to each day.

Melissa Nicol said...

Hi Logan,
This is a great story. I really enjoyed reading it. It must have taken you a long time to write. I can see that you put a lot of thought into this. You have done a very cool job!

Anonymous said...

I like you're story especially all the detalals Quinn

Nono said...

Nice story we have been doing something similar.